History of our Hotel

The early years

Built in 1928 by Fred Cairns, Cairns Creameries was one the the largest dairies and ice cream producers in the region. In 1930 Cairns Creameries was purchased by Bordens Dairy. Over the next 44 years, Bordens Dairy became a landmark in Niagara Falls history with its freshly bottled milk, rich ice cream, and giant concrete milk bottle.

Changing times

It was the last dairy in the area where the traditional milk man could be seen on horse and carriage delivering glass bottles of milk door to door. It was also the first to supply its retailers with electric freezers for ice cream, and use refrigerated milk trucks to guarantee its customers “Ice cold milk in the summer and no frozen milk in the winter”. Bordens Dairy operated until 1974. In the late 1980’s the dairy was converted into a nightclub and restaurant. It became a familiar hangout in Niagara. Ask any local, and they will have at least one story about “Roman Court”, “Castle Rock” or “The Basement” as it was later called.


Present Day Sterling Inn & Spa

In 2005 the first stage of development was started to create Niagara’s only Boutique hotel. Construction started shortly thereafter in early 2006. It was evident that a major reconstruction was needed but the owners, architect, and designers of the hotel purposefully tried to maintain some elements of the original building. This can be seen in the historic exposed ceiling beams, as well as the very distinctive 3 story “milk bottle entrance” that still stands at the front of the Sterling Inn & Spa.